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Auditor Senthil

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Hello! I am Senthil, and my firm, registered as Auditor Senthil, is a one-stop solution for all your audit and accounting needs. Apart from educating young minds about accounting, commerce, and economics, I do tax filings for individuals and companies.

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About our company

From ‘how to pay income tax to ‘where to invest to retire early’

I have the right solution for all your accounting and money-related questions. Income tax laws change frequently, and if you’re an NRI, there’s a separate set of rules to comply with as well. The government provides certain concessions as well to a lot of people, under conditions. What are they, though? 


Not all things tax and money are common information for everyone. However, you could be over-paying thousands of rupees, or worse, if you’ve skipped taxes. To avoid conflicts of interest and losing out money, you’ll need a professional accountant. 

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What all services do I provide?

I’m meticulous, dedicated, and completely trustworthy. I have over 9 years of experience working as an accountant. I have worked for several brands and individuals that needed guidance in handling finances, tax filings, and other mandatory compliances. Here are all the services that I offer.

Tax appeal Cases / Scrutiny

EPF (Including claims)

ROC (TIN, CST, ST, FSSAI, Fim,Ltd Companies, Trust Societies)

E-Filing for Income Tax & GST

ESI & Excise

New Pan Card/Corrections/Lost

Service Tax

Custom Duties

E-TDS & TCS Return

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Need help with notices u/s 143(2)?

Notices under section 143(2) are not to be dealt carelessly. These are notices from the IT department that wants to enquire further about the discrepancies they found with your income declaration. It’s nothing to be worried about, we’ll just have to clarify things further and make sure that our side’s story is heard too. I’ll handle things for you in case of scrutiny, and will break down your declaration and make it simple during an enquiry.  

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    Helping students become financial literates


    There are a lot of commerce graduates at schools and colleges. However, very few people take up accounting as a profession. Why? Simply because the students are overwhelmed by information, and tend to shy away from learning it. That’s why I teach accounting and other related subjects to young adults in the most engaging way possible.






    This will help students pick up pace and perform well in the exams, and gain a deeper understanding towards the subjects.